How To Plan Your Weekly Menu

The Dinner Jar

how to plan dinner menu

So, I love the idea of those magnetic weekly menus, where all you do is go through a handful of printed-food-items then clip them by the day you decide to cook it. But, I love my notebook. My dinner jar is like a guessing game.

First, I downloaded a jar-label-print-out. Then I typed up all our favorite dinners on scrapbook paper, then printed them out! I ended up having fifty- or so of  them…

making a dinner menu

…I just punched them out with a paper punch, some I even cut out with scissors. Then I hot glued a little twine around the jar and declared it my new best friend (when it comes to meal planning).

menu planning made easy

I just shake-shake-shake and pull out meals one by one. If you aren’t jonesing for what you pulled out, leave it out and pull out a different one! Super easy, huh!

Breakfast, Lunch and Dessert jar anyone??

For more info, check out How I Meal Plan

NYR – How To

Have you decided upon a NYR – New Year’s Resolution?

Most of us have one goal in mind- Lose weight! However, it’s a difficult goal.
So how can we keep ourselves motivated?
How the heck are we going to do this?

•Figure out who you are doing it for. There is only one right answer to this question. Lose weight for yourself and only for yourself. Do it to gain a healthy strong heart and soul. Set goals without deadlines. Make sure your goals are reasonable, and most importantly, accomplishable. This way your progress is always progress and setbacks can be maintained. Remember, go slow!
•Stay away from unhealthy ways to lose weight. You will do more bad than good, and it will take even longer to get back to healthy.
•Set a good example for yourself and those around you.
•It doesn’t matter how old you are, how over weight, how under weight, or how tall or short you are. Everyone deserves an optimal body. Love yourself. Ripped abs aren’t going to make you a better person. Sing Katy Perry’s song Unconditionally to yourself every morning. Make it a workout song… Or the drive to the gym song.
•Try making fitness goals to keep yourself motivated. Test yourself to run to a certain time frame, pump a number of reps, or even something as simple as jump a certain distance. Stay away from exercises you don’t enjoy. Be active everyday. If the gym is not for you, it’s okay! Walk outside, do some workout DVDs at home. Yoga and Pilates are perfect for quiet meditation, and intense muscle building. Be creative and have fun!
•Don’t obsess about food! Try new things to keep boredom at bay. There are so many different combinations of foods, recipes, and even healthy snacks you can buy. Browse the internet for healthy recipes, free recipes!
I’ll always post my favorite recipes so keep checking back!
•Don’t give up! Stay positive. It’s okay if you mess up. It doesn’t mean you fail.
•Go slow and expect slow results. In an era of instant everything, we want instant results, but if you expect instant, then expect to be disappointed. You can’t even expect to lose your bloat in a week. It may take a whole month! Be proud of any accomplishment! 4:8:12
•Embrace everyone and everything that helps you reach your goal!

I hope you have an amazing year! Keep your endurance high and your will power strong! Good luck in 2014!!!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate


Sometimes it seems extremely hard to rehydrate after a couple days of losing too much water. With patience you can do it! The first couple days are they worst. I always over drink water to where I have to run to the ladies room every 30 minutes! Sometimes I can barely sit through a class lecture with out excusing myself. Nonetheless, the benefits are worth it.
Maintaining your water balance keeps your body at its healthiest peak. Everything you put into your body will get absorbed into your blood stream where it soon will be filtered by your kidneys. You kidneys work their hardest when they are conserving water, you are dehydrated, and your pee is dark. Make life easier for your body by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. It will clear your thoughts, give you beautiful skin and detox your cells.
Everyone has these cute PINK Victoria’s Secret water bottles. I bought mine just for the saying -ONE MORE DRINK
It’s large enough I don’t guzzle the whole bottle down and ask for more, but small enough I can toss it into my purse, diaper bag, gym bag or back pack.
When I fill it up, it measures 40 ounces of water so that’s 5, 8 ounce glasses. Therefore I only need to fill it up once more after I finish it, which is a total of two times in one day. I drink at least 10 glasses of water a day because I exercise everyday plus running around with my kids and my housework is a workout in itself.
Doing this really helps keep me on track since I hate drinking water. I hate the taste of most waters. I have extreme sensitive teeth so ice water is a pass. I swish my water around my mouth before I swallow. I’d rather drink hot water. That’s probably why I like tea so much. I like using straws too. This water bottle isn’t a straw. Measure out 8oz/one cup at a time and label it by the hour. Show me yours on Instagram using #hhmommablog