Apple Fries & Peanut Butter


I’m a huge believer in high protein snacks. Protein paired with a carbohydrate will keep your blood sugar levels regular longer so you are content, rather than spike & leave you hungry in an hour. So always remember – protein + fruit or vegetable.
When it comes to snacks my go to nibble is apples & nut butter, especially in the fall!
There are so many choices & combos for the two; Green, red, yellow delicious, gala, pink lady/ peanut, almond, sunflower… etc – plus all the subdivisions of them.
One thing I would watch for is low fat varieties. They do have less fat per gram but calorie wise there isn’t much of a difference because they replace the removed-fat with more sugar! There is an amazing product called PB2, aka powdered peanut butter that is the bomb! It’s peanut butter with a good percentage (85%) of the fat calories removed. It’s certified gluten free too. Two tablespoons is only 45 calories/13 fat calories! I like to save it for my yogurt, smoothies, and oatmeal. It’s devine!
My choice today is organic peanut butter from my local health mart. They have a machine (as do most health food stores) that makes fresh peanut butter. I keep my old peanut butter jars, take them in, and fill them to the rim! They are not as smooth as creamy pb but not as crunchy as the typical crunchy pb. It’s the perfect inbetween texture! Cost wise, it is usually cheaper than even the jarred organic peanut butters + fresher! Now go to your health mart! Ask for a sample nibble!
For the fries, cup up your apple in quarter inch slices, then slice again for skinny fries. Kids & *the kid inside us* LOVE these!