Three Day Cleanse – Days 8, 9, & 10 #ShakeologyCleanse

This week has been nuts! My husband found out about a last minute job he needed to do, so on top of preparing for his departure, I had a paper and an exam due, too! It’s been a ride. On top of all the ciaos, for some reason I thought my rest day was Tuesdays, but it’s not. It’s Wednesdays. So I rested both days. The cleanse sort of took the energy out of me. One of the days I was so busy I only had 2 shakes plus dinner. So that deprived me of around 225 calories. I’m going to follow my workout schedule, and then my rest day next week will be the day I catch up. It’ll definitely be tough! Luckily I’m doing the Turbofire HIIT workouts which only take around 20-30 min plus stretching. But don’t let the low amount of time make you think they are easy. I literally SWEAT my butt off.

My Three Day Shakeology Cleanse:

Day 1

3 shakeo’s

D:chicken caesar salad with mushrooms and tomatoes

(sorry no photo – I was too hungry to pause and remember to snap a pic)

Day 2

2 shakeo’s (supposed to have been 3)

D: greek shrimp on a bed of spinach and arugula topped with a little bit of feta

shakeology cleanse meal plan

Day 3

3 shakeo’s

D: asian veggie stir fry with chicken and long grain wild rice

shakeology cleanse meal plan


Don’t stop! You can do this! The secret to everything to staying POSITIVE. Think Happy Healthy thoughts!



How important is breakfast?

Start your day out right.

Are you eating breakfast?  Find out why this meal is definitely not the one to skip!

Too often I get asked why breakfast is important. I know that some people really just aren’t hungry in the mornings so they feel like they don’t need to eat.

Children Breakfast Idea - berries & oatmeal with brown sugar and cranberries... Are you eating breakfast?  Find out why this meal is definitely not the one to skip!

But listen, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! I’m not talking about donuts or sugar cereals. I’m talking about HEALTHY breakfasts.

Berry walnut protein oatmeal - Are you eating breakfast?  Find out why this meal is definitely not the one to skip!

1. It stops your body from breaking down muscle for energy. You won’t be lethargic. Eating breakfast will give you the physical strength you need to move around through out the day. Too tired to have sex at night? Try eating breakfast. (…or make your partner eat breakfast. It could be our little science project.)

2. Breakfasts controls your appetite so you don’t crash diet and eat too much at lunch time and through out the rest of the day.

3. You will perform better at work or in college. Concentrations is improved. Same goes for children. They perform better in the classrooms and recreation areas.

4. Studies have proved that those who eat breakfast weigh less than those who do not. See #2.

5. It will lower your cholesterol. We all have seen the oatmeal and Cheerio’s commercials…

6. Skipping breakfast, or any meal, makes it hard for you to actually intake the daily recommend vitamins and minerals.

Don’t tell me you don’t have time to eat breakfast; it is a lazy man’s excuse. It’s not hard to pre-plan. You can make different meals the night before like overnight oats, chia pudding, peanut butter on toast, make granola & yogurt cups, or even pack a protein shake like Shakeology or Herbalife. Grab a banana if all else fails! If you really are short on time, wake up earlier! 10-15 min is all you need. Eggs literally take a minute and a half to cook.

How to make eggs in the microwave! Are you eating breakfast?  Find out why this meal is definitely not the one to skip!

You can scramble two eggs in a coffee mug, nuke for one minute then top with some cheese, peppers, onions, mushrooms or what ever you like. Nuke it again for thirty seconds and voila. Eggs in less than two minutes. Grab an orange and your out the door with a healthy meal.

So, to make today short & sweet, Remember to feed your family and your body breakfast.

Day 5, 6, & 7

TurboFire has definitely kicked my butt. It has really reminded me how uncoordinated I am. Now that I have all the moves and combos down, starting tomorrow – week 2 – they change every thing up! I’m excited for what is to come.
My Day 5 went really well, although it was a family birthday, so I made an amazing birthday cake for the party. It was an extremely busy day. I got my workout in, but failed to do the ten minutes stretch. At the party, we did a baked potato bar with a large garden salad on the side.

Day 6 was a usual Saturday for me: breakfast with my mom & grocery store shopping. I was out and about most of the day so my cravings were curbed. I did a little review of a new (or at least new to me) product I found on the shelf at my Smith’s Grocery Store

Today, Day 7, was my easy workout day. I was scheduled to do Abs 10 & Stretch 10 – a 20 minute workout. I’m so excited I made it past week one! Measurements and weigh in is tomorrow morning. I have no regrets or bad feelings about my “cheats” this weekend. I know I’m nourishing my body and cells so I shouldn’t have anything to worry about. My workouts have become easier, but I’m still working up a sweat. I love the endorphin rush! 

How do you get ready for summer?

Lemonade, bikinis, sunscreen, green grass, fireworks, BBQ’s… OH MY! What are we doing to get ready? Well I know I need some motivation and THINspiration!

How are you getting ready for bikini season? Need some THINspiration? Check out this health&fitness blog.

I got out a swim suit from last year and hung it up in my bathroom. It’s one of those things that I’m super excited for, but at the same time dreading the hard workouts that are going to one with it.All I know is that no matter what I look like by March (because here in the desert in January it is already 55 degrees Fahrenheit!) I am going to be confident in the muscles I’m in (not skin I’m in because WHO want just skin? I want muscles!) because I am healthy and I am fit.Just over the past months I’ve a huge difference in my families eating habits. My kids love raw fruits and veggies, whole grains and healthy fats. Now I’m not raising my kids as vegetarian or any other limiting diet. Children need certain nutrients to grow and develop correctly. My kids don’t have food allergies or sensitives (yet) so I make sure they eat clean 80% of the time. No matter how you feed you children, make sure they are intaking vital nutrients, vitamins & minerals. Check amino acid analysis record on plant foods if they are vegetarian/vegan. Quinoa is only so great…

Now I don’t know about you, but Thursday’s are the busiest day of the week for me! Is that so, for you, too? I feel like everything is thrown at us the last day before the weekend, but, hey, we can conquer the world!
I usually have my smoothies at lunch, but I had to have mine on the go to class for dinner. Remember to follow me on myfitnesspal! I use it everyday, even if it is just to check out how many calories are in a serving & what exactly is a serving. It’s great for people who aren’t trying to lose weight too. It tells you how much of each nutrient, vitamin, and mineral you need for that day.

Food Porn! Check out some really good breakfast ideas for any weight loss plan.

It was nice to have an egg for breakfast! Open-faced egg & avocado sandwich.

Food Porn! Check out some really good breakfast ideas for any weight loss plan.

I love eggs & avocado combo.

Open-faced Egg & Avocado Sandwich

237 calories – 1 serving

1 egg
1/2 avocado
1 piece of whole wheat bread, toasted. I used Sarah Lee
Cook the egg how you prefer.
Layer your sandwich toast, avocado, egg. Simple as that.
I like my yolk to drip all over my sandwich before I eat it.

Valentine's Day will be here sooner than you think! What are you having?

Today I worked on a new pancake recipe you guys are going to die for!!! Seriously, I am drooling thinking about them… Too bad I’m out of bananas or else I would probably push save and make some more! My daughter and I ate two bananas (each) today. The recipe is soon to come!

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Do you like peppermint tea? Ever tried spearmint? I recently had Tazo’s Zen at a Starbucks and it was so good. It’s a spearmint green tea blend. It’s very mild, but it does have caffeine – which as perfect to keep me into class and later ready for my late night work out.

Do you use a hair band every time you work out?

I have never used hair bands before I had my kids. I never had fly aways in my face. After I had my kids, I lost a lot of my hair and it’s still re-growing. I’m not so sure it was the most comfortable thing ever, but I pined them in place with some bobby pins. It stayed in place for my whole workout!

Find comfortable shoes to workout in. Trust me, it's more important to be comfy than stylin' ~


Comfort vs being stylish – Comfort for sure!

kisses xo

Now just to show off my daughter a little bit – she LOVES to take photos like I do. She took this just before I left for class. I’m telling you she is amazing.

Surviving College

How to survive college! Every college student must read this! We are poor but happy college students.

Sometimes we struggle with balancing our school work, children, social life, and healthy lifestyles.

What can we do to make this work?

To mold our lives together into perfect working factions?

Although it is tough, we make it work through hard work, dedication, and a constant reminder of happiness! For most of us, college is a time when we finally start our lives as independently as possible. Some of us start later in life but achieve a sense of independence we never knew we were capable of. College is the time when you are finally on your own. You learn to make your own decisions and rules. You guide your life to the destination you desire- even if it is unknown. Living a healthy lifestyle in college does not have to be hard though and it definitely does not require hours of prep and preplanning! The key is to stay organized. Get into the habit of making certain meals on a certain night of the week, going grocery shopping, etc. Start a notebook like mine (see my DIY : Notebook) It’s realistic, small and easy to shove in your purse or backpack.

Eating healthy while at college:
Keep a handful of items ready to go. I usually make a big batch of chicken on Sundays to eat throughout the week. I buy frozen bags of veggies that are microwavable, I have apple fries & peanut butter, which is easy for sharing with a roommate, child or hubby. Find foods that are easy for you and don’t require a lot of preparation!

how to budget in college
Pack little jars, bags or containers of hunger killers the night before. So when you are running late to class the next morning you can grab one and go!
Keep a budget. Since most of us do not have a ton of extra money, limit yourself each week. I have a set grocery list and it is typically $30 per week in food just for me. My children & husband are extra. I choose more whole foods in my diet… Like fresh fruit and veggies, peanut butter, whole wheat pastas, and some snacks.
Limit eating out to only a few times a week. SAVE MONEY!! Don’t go out too often, it is cheaper and healthier to cook for yourself! When you eat out, box half of your meal up and save the other half for the next day. Stretch your dollar!

Replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology. I like mine at lunch. It’ll be your healthiest meal of the day and at $4 a serving, it beats any fast food meal or latte you can buy! Plus it has the nutritional value of eating 5 large salads in one meal! It will increase your energy, decrease cravings, help you lose weight and give you the nutrition you need in one glass. It’s portable, convenient and absolutely tastes amazing!

We have a restaurant called the Pasta Factory. They serve a Bow Tie Chicken Caesar Salad served with a Bread Twist that is to-die-for. I order the full, dressing on the side, no croutons, and add half spinach instead of just romaine… You’ll come to find out I always make my salad bigger by adding more lettuce; what can I say – I’m an herbivore! I, like sooo many people here, can hardly resist a Steak Salad from Cafe Rio. BUT I order no tortilla chips, no rice, extra pico and choose either guacamole or the dressing. Sometimes it’s hard to leave things out, but honestly if you’re only eating half your “restaurant size” meal at a time it’s okay to include all your favorites. Remember proportion sizes!
If you can hold the beast back, invite your friends or family to come over and cook a healthy dinner! That is always fun.
Find healthy options for when you do go out. I’ll post a page on that soon. Most restaurants have side salads, steamed veggies, and whole wheat options. Restaurants over-portion their plates by double if not more! When I eat out with my husband, we get an appetizer and one meal, then split it! If I am with my friends or family and want to take left-overs home for the next day, I order two small appetizers, or one appetizer and a side salad. Even if you just switch the fries for veggies and keep your normal meal the same that is still a healthier option!

how to drink more water, get hydrated fast
Choose water. Wherever you go, order a water, or water with lemon. Skip the soda or whatever else. Tea is okay, but remember caffeine is a stimulant and too much will dehydrate you and also pull calcium out of your bones. Water is the best option there is! I always have at least one of my water bottles with me. Train yourself into making a habit of taking water with you!

Stay active:
A simple way to get in your daily exercise is to walk! Walk around campus between classes and walk to your class. Park far away from your class building to encourage you to walk. Get your blood pumping. Ride your bike to class! Try enrolling in gym class. Most colleges have a gym, some are free with your tuition. Take advantage of this and GO!!! There is always something for everyone!

Fit it into your schedule. If you are a morning person or you don’t have classes until the afternoon then go before class! Try BeachBody’s at home DVD programs! T25 is only 25 min long, and their Hip Hop Abs & Turbo Jam spice things up without having to go to the gym. If you prefer your workouts between or after classes then try to make it a habit. Take advantage of your college’s gym. Take a weight training class for credit! Even if you are going to do some yoga and stretch out. Remind yourself how good you feel when you are active.

Staying Smart:
Find a study buddy. Everyone knows that when you study with someone you retain more info, learn things you missed and actually recall the info for the exam. You can study together and even work on homework. You’re less likely to miss deadlines with a study buddy there to help remind you. Sometimes it can be distracting but most of the time it is motivating. Figure out what kind of learner you are do you need to talk it out? Record lectures? Draw pictures & diagrams? Walk around and fiddle? Do what works regardless of what others think.

college studying
GO to class and do your homework.
Find a tutor or talk to your professor if you need help! The more you talk to them, the more get they know you, and the more they can help you! Plus, they are willing to write letters of recommendation for future applications or interviews.
How to maintain a social life:
Get involved, put yourself out there. You’ll meet so many people who will help you determine who you are and where you stand. Figure out which clubs you want to join and join them. Don’t think, just do. But keep your numbers low – it is much better to be highly involved in a few groups rather than not as involved in many groups. Stay close to the members and communicate with them. Organizations are a great way to meet people with similar interests as you.
Find your group of friends. Choose who you want to be like and love them for all their differences. You are who your friends are, so choose wisely. Be the friend you wish you had. You may not get a chance be close with your roommates if they don’t try too… but, honestly, it’s not your problem as long as they pay rent.
If you aren’t into partying it’s okay! You don’t have to party for a good time. Do the things you enjoy. Hiking, biking, art festivals, movies, shopping, reading a book on your bed (join the book club!)
College is stressful. If you are struggling I urge you to seek help! Many colleges offer free counseling if you need to talk to someone! If you are struggling talk to a counselor, a friend, or anyone you trust.
Get involved because being involved helps your mind stay active. Workout! Jump around! Dance! The endorphins will keep depression at bay.

college chair

It is hard being away from everything you miss. Remember that everyone is going through the same feelings and looking for friends as well! Find them and bond. If college is stressful or the workload is too much then consider taking fewer classes. It is better for you to feel organized and understand what you are learning, rather than lolly gagging your way through college for grades. The knowledge you gain will be very important in your career.
Get a notebook and organize your weeks. Help yourself figure out what you need to do for not just you, but for those around you. That way, when your deadlines arrive you aren’t overwhelmed when there is so much to do.
Set time aside everyday for you!
The days before college you were just a kid, now that you’re in college you are grown up playing kid. Make the best of it.
Be safe, and even more importantly, be smart!

Think happy, healthy thoughts!


Why am I so sore after working out?

Sticking to a workout plan is hard, but we can make it easier with more and more support!

There are so many people out there with good intentions, but fail to follow through for many reasons. We need to realize that we can’t control life sometimes. Stuff happens and we have to work around it. No body is perfect.


I can’t shake this headache – so I’m going to have to start using myfitnesspal, again. I’ve been drinking tons of water! I think I might need to increase my calories even more than I did yesterday! I’m not complaining – 1800 cals is awesome.

what is lactic acid build up

Before class today, I packed my Shakeology shake in my camera bag, AND LEFT IT AT HOME! So I had to grab something in town before I went to the grocery store. I can’t go to the store hungry – not just because I’ll drool the whole time or buy unhealthy foods, but because I buy too much of the healthy foods, then they go bad or forgotten about. I grabbed a six piece grilled nuggets and fruit bowl plus tons of water.

peanut butter toast

I really do have peanut butter everyday…

As for my workout, today is my rest day. I’m resting my sore body, but honestly it feels better to move around.

Why do I get sore after working out?

When you work out, sometimes your muscles use a process called the anaerobic process. It means that your cells gets the energy it needs from glucose instead of the usual aerobic method with oxygen. When glucose is broken down anaerobically, it goes through a process called glycolysis where glucose is broken down in to a substance called pyruvate. When oxygen is low, pyruvate is converted into lactate for a short time. Lactate is sometimes called lactic acid because high levels of lactate increase the acidity of muscle cells. Now it isn’t the lactic acid that causes the soreness after working out vigorously, instead its the process of producing lactate and other byproducts and metabolic reactions that create the burning sensation. So in other words – if you are sore after working out, you know  you are burning fat!

Now, I am so sore! I really worked out really hard the past two days & used muscles I forgot I had. TurboFire is so different than running or doing weights.

why am I so sore after working out

I’m not a huge fan of hummus, but I decided to give it another try. Jicama [hick-a-ma] with my roasted red pepper hummus was a great combination. Jicama is naturally sweet, and the hummus had a little spice to it, so the combination of the two was great! My daughter thinks jicama tastes like an apple.

I had planned to make grilled chicken salads for dinner, but my husband told me he was sick of chicken… This happens pretty often. He works construction and usually eats around 4-5000 calories a day! He’s 6’3″…

Anyways, on his way home he begged me to let him pick up bean & cheese quesadilla meals. Marriage is all about comprimising, so compromising we did. We melded our two ideas together!

how to stay motivated

I turned this – plain beans & rice…

semi homemade salad

…into this!

how to get perfect grill marks

Check out my grill marks! How did I do that? To get perfect grill marks, oil up your indoor grill pan, heat to med-high heat, grill thin chicken breasts on one side for 6 minutes, rotate 90-70 degree, cook for another 5-6 minutes, then flip and repeat!

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Step Two – Remember Your Body Is Detoxing

So, I woke up today and felt 10 lbs lighter!

I know it’s not true, but I felt it. You know how sometimes you wake, get ready, put on those jeans that are always so tight, but this day they aren’t – and you get flushed and love yourself?? Then you step on the scale and you weigh more than you did yesterday when you thought you were fat? Yeah today was one of those days. I didn’t step on the scale, but my jeans were still tight. *bummer

There is no miracle pill, magic wrap, or such thing as instant results. It takes time!

No worries, I know everyday is a new day. Soon a week will be over, then two, then a whole month, then six months, then it’ll be Christmas again!

I’ll admit that today was rough. It is always like this for me when I start new workouts or eating plans.

When my body detoxes, I get headaches… :(

It really is no-fun. I don’t typically take medications unless it gets really bad. Obviously, a little detox isn’t horrible, but it’s annoying when your babies are cranky, too. I’ve been drinking glass upon glass of water to make sure dehydration isn’t a factor. It’s not that I feel sick or lethargic – in fact, I have TONS of energy.

My workout was INTENSE! I love TurboJam, so I knew I’d love TurboFire. I was so sore after just the first starter workout – excited for what is to come.

I’m definitely IN LOVE!

I am accountable!

breakfast ideaseasy cheap snacksI like the the taste of mustard on my tuna salad. I used light EVOO to stay motivated

Shakeology – chocolateis peanut butter healthyYes, I had PB toast again for a snack… I love pb.everyone loves peanut butterEven my daughter loves pb!
myplateThis was my dinner tonight – steamed squash, pan fried chicken, & stuffed shells. How did your day go?

Always thinking happy, healthy thoughts!

workout hair


Step One: Commit!

I am so excited to add another chapter to my fitness journey! I just received my first challenge pack ever by BeachBody.

how to lose weight fast

Obviously, we all know that in order to become healthier beings, we MUST change. There is no miracle pill, magical wrap or easy way out. But seriously, why does it have to be so hard?

It’s only as hard as we make it. I make everything hard. But not anymore. I am committing to myself that I won’t give up on this. I have tried many workout routines, read hundreds of diet programs, talked to a handfull of trainers – but couldn’t stick with it. I have found my support through my free beachbody coach. I know I can make anything work, even if I don’t do the BeachBody programs or eating plans she is there for me and will help me reach my goals.

I want to do that for you, too!

This is why I am sharing my first fitness journal with you. I am here for you and whatever fitness and health problems you need help with.

TurboFire Program

I am following the program’s workouts just as the calendar provided advises. I am enjoying one Shakeology shake a day at either breakfast or lunch, and then the other days I’ll be having regular meals and snacks. I am going to follow the meal plan as suggested as close as possible. I trust the meal plans because they are created by professionals. There is true Nutrition Science behind it. I know it’ll work for me!

Today is my DAY 1 !!


blueberry pb toast stretchnikesfruit & cheese drink yourself skinnybaby zucchini & chicken


I know I will succeed!

Think Happy Healthy Thoughts

xo Stephanie

How To Plan Your Weekly Menu

The Dinner Jar

how to plan dinner menu

So, I love the idea of those magnetic weekly menus, where all you do is go through a handful of printed-food-items then clip them by the day you decide to cook it. But, I love my notebook. My dinner jar is like a guessing game.

First, I downloaded a jar-label-print-out. Then I typed up all our favorite dinners on scrapbook paper, then printed them out! I ended up having fifty- or so of  them…

making a dinner menu

…I just punched them out with a paper punch, some I even cut out with scissors. Then I hot glued a little twine around the jar and declared it my new best friend (when it comes to meal planning).

menu planning made easy

I just shake-shake-shake and pull out meals one by one. If you aren’t jonesing for what you pulled out, leave it out and pull out a different one! Super easy, huh!

Breakfast, Lunch and Dessert jar anyone??

For more info, check out How I Meal Plan