Fitness is what we should be concentrating on to live happy lives. It takes a ton of motivation and inspiration to become fit – but as soon as I figured out how I want to live my life, it became a piece of cake! Literally. And pie, and lasagna. (plus I got to eat them too!)

I make my life what I want it to be that day, that moment.

I live how I want, when I want. Through my experiences, I’ve learned I’m happiest helping others!

You guys asked for it! Here are my Daily Workout Logs!

Utilize the things around you. If you can’t afford a trainer or gym pass, try youtube workouts! Blogilates is good too – Cassey is amazing!

I love working out at home. I am always changing up my workout routines. I love any DVD workouts. Before I became a beachbody coach, I did Hip Hop Abs, Insanity, and TurboJam religiously. TurboFire is another good one too! T25 is literally only 25 minutes a day – results guaranteed.

Go on a walk outside. Even if you are in flip flops! Move your muscles and bones around. Did you know that your bones can’t utilize calcium unless you are using your muscles? THAT MEANS EXERCISE! Exercise is anything that gets your blood flowing.

Summer blues? NO WAY! Go on a swim at the lake, tan, then swim again!

Take your kids, nieces, or nephews (or all three!) to the park!  Grab your bands/weights & iPod and get your workout done there, too! Kids need active examples in their lives.

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