Smoothie Detox

Each week I create menus and store lists based on a calorie deficit diet to help lose weight. Though I can’t guarantee results as I am not profiting anything, I can promise that if you follow any healthy meal plan plus a regular exercise regime, you will lower your body fat percentage.
My meal plan consists of three meals and two/three snacks. Which usually means you’ll be eating 4-6 times a day, or every few hours.
I am not a dietitian so always consult with your doctor or practitioner about following any diet plan or exercise regimen. Feel free to ask any questions.
Always look over the menu first, then decide what you do and do not need, or want to change.
My meal plans do not include calories. You can use myfitness pal or other calorie counting app to help you control your caloric intake. Google how much your daily BMR is, subtract 500 and that is how many calories you are supposed to eat everyday to burn 1 pound of fat a week. Contact me if you need help customizing your caloric intake, or just have general questions.

I list one snack, but eat more snacks if you need to. I usually have 2-3 snacks in one day. When you work out, are pregnant, or nursing, you need to eat a certain amount of calories to fuel your body. All meals are mini-meals so you could even has a meal as a snack, depending on how hungry you feel. Never deprive yourself!

Here is everything you need in PDF format. If you need recipes for some of the items, don’t hesitate to ask!

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