Turbofire Days 12-37 & The Benefits of Parsely!

Have you ever just craved a eggs & veggies so bad that you wake up, make them and think, “What so now you are a health nut?”

I do this all the time. When I was “dieting” in high school, my go to breakfast was one egg and two egg white scrambled with a piece of bacon and some vegetable stir-fried. To this day, I crave it!! Now instead of just cabbage, broccoli, peppers or onions, I use a variety of ingredients. I LOVE my honeymoon omelettes that consist of bacon, peppers, onions, & mushrooms, but I branch out from leeks, beets, turnips, bok choy, sweet potatoes, and any other unlikely combination you can think of. I usually cut cheese out of the equation and save it for my daughter (it’s her favorite food.)

Who else isn't ready to let go of Valentine's Day? www.hhmomma.com

This AM, I had scrambled eggs with on piece of bacon, some chopped leek, mini peppers, and zucchini! Breakfast Idea - Leek, peppers and zucchini stir-fry with scrambled eggs!!Who else isn't ready to let go of Valentine's Day? www.hhmomma.com

For a couple weeks I am really going to do some CLEAN meals. For lunch I had 4 oz chicken breast and some broccolini with sauteed zucchini and cherry tomatoes.

Health Benefits of Parsley - Do you add parsley to everything too? hhmomma.com

After I sat down to eat, I looked at my meals and thought, “Hey, let’s jazz this up.” I chopped up some fresh parsley and VOILA!

Health Benefits of Parsley - Do you add parsley to everything too? hhmomma.com

Just two tablespoons of parsley has over 130% of your DRI of Vitamin K! It’s saturated with Vitamin A & C, as well as folate and iron. It has plenty of antioxidants too! It’s a bitter flavored plant so it enhances savory flavors of meats. I add parsley to everything. It also extracts toxins, metals, and radicals out of your system sort of like a cleanse. When you are at the grocery store, grab a bunch – or better yet, plant some in your garden this year! I know I will be!

When I am at my computer, I sit for hours going through my social medias and writing on my blog. So, on day 12 I decided that I needed a break from sitting and more ACTIVITY! I thought about vlogging but I don’t know if I am ready or even technically capable of doing so lol! Instead, I’m going to take chunks at time a week to detail my weeks rather than days. Instead of listing my foods and all that on my blog, I show everything on my instagram and myfitnesspal.

Eat Better Feel Better. A motivational Fitness Journal Blog. LOVE her life!

One week ago I shared my 4 week progress! Time has gone by so quickly I am shocked at how my progress my body is showing! I am NOT losing pounds but I AM losing inches and I LOVE IT!

My weekends are always the busiest. I do all of my Shopping & Meal Prep on Saturday & Sunday. I love the weekends because my husband is home to help with the kids, but also because they are the days I enjoy the most.

Mondays are my check in days. I weigh and measure then make sure I post and update and record everything. We also usually Spaghetti for dinner with a salad and sometimes garlic bread.

Tuesday are my cleaning days. When I clean I workout! SQUATS and LUNGES into each room! After I complete a task I do 20 push ups, jumping jacks or just what ever I feel like! My daughter and I have been blasting FROZEN soundtrack and dancing all over the place!

Wednesday is Hump Day – Seafood and Water day!

Thursdays are my kids’ activity days. They have dance and swim lessons, plus we go to the park and run around.

Fridays are Flex Fridays!

Then the weekend starts it all over again!

Last week was a tad bit of a set back for me. My sister went into labor so our endorphins were really flying! I didn’t have time to work out some of the days, plus with all the family time I either over ate on peanut butter, missed my Shakeology, or didn’t watch my proportions. I haven’t gained weight, but the set back has left me with indigestion and NO energy. I spoke with my coach about whether I should back track and redo a week to fix the problem. But she gave me the best advise I could have given my self  – and this is why I believe EVERYONE needs someone’s help.

“I want you to keep moving forward. Never look back and NEVER have regrets. They won’t make you happy. In the end if you feel like you need to add an extra week go for it.”

I LOVE HER! Seriously, you can’t get much more positive and still progress. No matter what I choose, this isn’t a diet – it’s my life style!

I have family coming into town tonight, so instead of thinking,

“Oh, man, I’m going to be eating out and being around unhealthy eating patterns, so screw it.”

I am thinking,

“Hey I can use this opportunity to really shine and show how healthy I can be and maybe – just maybe – my example will rub off on my family.”


Meal Plans for WIC Mothers

meal plans for wic

I want to tell the story of my dear friend, Natalie Calastro.
Natalie is a caring mother of 5 and the most loving wife I have ever seen. She is a huge inspiration to me. Her patience is unlimited. Her morals are strong and firm. Her children look up to her as she is all they have.
9 months ago, Natalie lost her husband to a texting 17 year old driver. It left her & her children alone and unprepared.

“I urge all families, young and old – large and small families, to prepare for the worst. Grow a food storage, increase investments and savings, and ideally have life insurance.” – Natalie Calastro

Unprepared Natalie had to give up their dream 4 bedroom home, 2011 minivan, flat screen tv’s, computer, and 401k & retirement plans. She had to start over all while mourning her loss.

“The only thing that kept me going and still keeps my hopes up, is the love my family was built on. My family isn’t the only ones who have lost someone to distracted drivers, drunk drivers, or and kind of driving accident, but we are one of the few who didn’t have a back up plan. Because of that, I had to teach my ‘spoiled’ children how to cope with the morning of their father along with the feeling of being ‘deprived’ of the life they knew. I tried to hide it the best I could, but they knew we were struggling.” -Natalie Calastro

At rock bottom, Natalie had to start somewhere in order to build her family’s life back together. In order to get out of debt, she got a full time job, moved in with her mother, sold everything she owned, and walked into the Women Infants & Children program’s office.

“I was very fortunate to have my mother. When I got my full time job, she was more than willing to commit to my children’s full time nanny. I love my mother for all that she is.” -Natalie Calastro

When Natalie got home from the grocery store with three bags of food her children would have to eat for two weeks, she bawled. Overwhelmed, she called me for help. She had no idea how to meal plan, let alone meal plan with the allowed WIC foods. Together we came up with a menu she could easily be comfortable with.

“I want all mothers on WIC to feel good about the foods they feed their family. It’s hard but it is do able. We need to always remember that.
Share my meal plans and my story so that mothers all around know there is hope in all things, that together we can do it!” -Natalie Calastro

WIC foods are very healthy. Healthier than 90% of SAD (Standard American Diet) foods, which makes it a hard transition for some. The concept is basically a whole foods diet.

Foods that are allowed:

whole wheat bread
whole wheat tortillas
oatmeal & cereals
peanut butter
fruits & vegetables

When broken down, meals are very easily created. When I went to her mother’s house to help her create a menu, we included her children. I believe that when we include our children in making their meals, they are more positive about becoming healthy and also more WILLING to actually eat it.

Natalie’s children love oatmeal, so it helped make things easy for her. The cereals in her brochure didn’t appeal to her children as much as oatmeal did. But they did want more options rather than just oatmeal every morning.
Their Breakfast Choices:
oatmeal fruit smoothies
mini wheat cereal
peanut butter toast
eggs and toast

Lunches were easy to plan as well. Her children already went to school with a sack lunch everyday. Packing their lunches were simple since she only had to change up a few ingredients.
Their Lunch Choices:
peanut butter sandwich
cheese & tomato sandwich
peanut butter & tortilla roll up
tuna sandwiches
“chips & dip” homemade chips and peanut butter/apple dip
*all with carrots & celery plus some fruit and their water bottles
-sometimes Natalie will add cheese cubes on the side, jelly or mayo to the sandwiches, or even do turkey sandwiches when she can find ingredients on sale. As WIC does not provide jellies, jams, or luncheon meats

Dinners are pretty versatile because she has to buy other meats like chicken and discounted roasts. Her meats are usually the only extra items she has to purchase. Monday’s & Thursdays she try’s to do meatless dinners.
Their Dinner Choices:
Meatless choices:
vegetable bean soup
bean and cheese burritos
grilled cheese sandwiches
BLT minus the B sandwiches
rice and veggie stir fry
green salad with boiled eggs and cheese
pizza toast
Other dinners:
She bakes or roasts a meat and serves with:

bean and rice
green salads
fruit salads
steamed veggies/frozen bags
She’s made my cheesy tuna rice casserole and her children adore it!

They don’t really have a lot of desserts in their home anymore. But when they want a little something sweet, they have some oatmeal with added sugar and raisins, apples and peanut butter, more smoothies, and sometimes Natalie can afford some butter and brown sugar for cookies. She doesn’t deprive her children. She gives them what is needed and has to limit the expensive sugary packaged foods. She eats just as they do, no exceptions.

Telling her story and scrutinizing over her meal plan has really made me fortunate for my life and is another reason why I’ll never take the foods I eat for granted. Children are really starving, families truly need help sometimes. The next time you are line behind a WIC mother or family, help them out by having more patience, help them organize their coupons and foods, or just simply smile and tell them they are amazing. We don’t know their story.
We should always be giving back and helping our neighbors and friends. They aren’t asking for it. And that’s exactly why we should help them.

If you are interested in the WIC program, here is the link to take you to their website.