My Diet

I’ve been through everything, and I’ve come to the conclusion that diets are just not for me. I don’t think they are for anyone – but I believe most of us have to go through the trials and struggles of committing to a diet in order for us to understand they will never make us happy.
My old “typical” way of eating was the carbohydrate addicts program. I slightly agree with almost everything about it, based on its science. It allows carbohydrates, but limits them – because too much of a good thing is a bad thing! Especially when it comes to your body’s hormone productions. Yet recently, I stumbled across something even better and more convenient.
I love the idea of Paleo, but life without grains & legumes is dull. Atkins, South Beach, Mediterranean, WeightWatchers, and all those diet plans are just not for me. They all have missing pieces. I am not a nutritionalist, although I have taken many nutrition and human physiology courses at the university. Throughout my studies in college, I have concluded that a healthy body is the only way to a happy body. Happy bodies are hydrated and complete of nutrients. Nutrients & hydration come from food and water. As humans living in an era of never-home-always-on-the-go, that combo is hard to achieve in perfect quantities. Food prep seems nearly impossible with our kids & school/work schedules so something else is needed. For me, one of the missing pieces of my body’s health-jigsaw puzzle is easy grab & go protein products. Some of them can be divided into a weeks worth of grab & go right in your own home.
I use Herbalife and Shakeology products daily. I don’t push sales for profit, though. If you want more info, just ask. I’ll answer any questions you want. My goal in life is to help make people’s live rich and full of nourishment.
Anyways, I combine weight management with my own body’s queues.
With a Nobel Prize on Herbalife shoulder’s and Shakeology’s INCOMPARABLE nutrition, I trust their protein products over hormone and antibody saturated meats and dairy products from the store. If you decide to follow my meal plans, you can just use any kind of protein, I just appreciate the quality of the ingredients in both these brands. Healthy body-Happy momma!!
One day I will have a farm where we can raise our own meats and control their chemical ingestion (or at least attempt to – considering all the hormones, antibodies, and toxins in our soils it will be difficult to avoid pure & clean eats…)
Healthy nutrition plus exercise makes me one happy, healthy momma!
My Loves:

drink yourself skinny

Beachbody’s SHAKEOLOGY. It is so smooth & creamy. All of their ingredients are natural and healthy – including the flavors and sweetners.

herbalife blueberry orange ginger smoothie

Herbalife I use Formula One, Two, and Three, plus Protein & Herbal Teas. Protein bars and creamy chicken soup packets are delicious for “empty pantry meals.” They also have amazing energy tablets for extra pick me ups for when I really need them- studying for exams, late nights, holidays with family.

Now though I love Herbalife products and the way of life, I don’t follow any diet plan. Instead I pay attention to my body, plan my meals and smile because I feel amazing! I do a liquid detox when I feel bloated after parties, holidays, vacations, or even just the day following a midnight brownie that may or may not have a big scoop of ice cream on it. I never feel guilty about my food choices.
I try very hard to keep my pantry stocked with healthy & natural ingredients.
Like I said, my day-to-day diet isn’t really a diet at all. I surrender to its needs and sometimes even its desires. This way I never feel starved, deprived or depressed.

Remember there is no such thing as a miracle pill, magic wrap, or even instant results! Stay positive and NEVER give up!

Battling with weight-loss and maintance is tough, but ignoring the comparison of what is accepted as beautiful is rewarding. The only standard for beauty is happiness.

Happy bodies make happy people!


Think happy, healthy thoughts!

xo Stephanie

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