There’s A Reason For Everything

Before I was married, back when I was only a little lady, at eighteen years old, in high school, I began to take a special interest in the look of my body. For some magical reason, when I looked in the mirror I was no longer a pudgy-fudgy little girl with pig tails. I had beautiful curves and lines where my abdominal muscles were, yet something was missing. Why was something missing? Why did I feel so awful?

Thus began my health pro-evolution. Pro- because of positive feedback I felt. Evolution-because of the change I saw, not physically, but mentally.

Research and more research plus a little experimentation made me smart. Smart decisions throughout those beginning-years at the university made me healthy. Believe me, I tried everything! I loved all the programs, diets and philosophies of healthy body, healthy mind. I learned to love my body for its differences. I came to know what it liked and what it wasn’t so happy with. My mind was set- and alongside my the health of my life, I made another smart choice to become a little wife.


Most women lose weight for their wedding, but not me. I gained ten pounds to fit into my dress a little bit better, and to look sensual in my honeymoon little bikini. You see, planning a wedding causes stress and stress makes your body produce cortisol. Cortisol makes you fat- but not me. It made me skinny. Too skinny. So I ate and ate and ate until I pudged (laughing) up to a size 4. Months went by while circus music rang in my head. And then it hit me; a pregnancy. Health-wise, I kept my goals minimal but still healthy for only one sole purpose. Nonetheless, I am human and do enjoy the highly addicting social yum yums of our lazy age. I am afraid I over ate everyday. Soon exercise was a chore I no longer yearned for. Do I get vegan-brownie-points if I divulge to you that for a month or so all I craved was fruit? I never went as far as to become a potato couch, but oh-boy did I inflate. Even my nose grew to about twice it’s size.


Then my little bundle of joy arrived. Okay, maybe she wasn’t so tiny at almost eight pounds, but in my arms she was the fragilest thing on earth.


As a new little mother I had no clue what I was supposed to be doing. My doctors recommended me to eat an extra five-hundred calories a day to support natural breastfeeding. Of course I obeyed. I budgeted (yes sometimes calories are like money to me) out my foods most of which were good decisions. Around her five month mark, I decided that I was a very lucky woman to have minimal stretch marks and even though I was nourishing my body with good choices, I still needed to take better care of my heart. So I bought myself a fancy polar watch and loaded my infant in our stroller. My new daily ritual was a long walk/jog till I burned five-hundred-plus calories. Trust me- It wasn’t easy, but sadly, I did. Concurrently, decreased my caloric intake five-hundred calories under my personal basal metabolic rate. After weeks of the number on my scale staying at the same darn number, I went back to my doctor and told him my not-so-little-dilemma. He prescribed me one of those crazy-nuts, heart rate increasing, speed pills. Yeah that didn’t work either. It kept me awake, but that was it. So I gave up. By that time I had lost my baby’s milk supply and was forced to fork out bucks for formula. Soon enough she turned one and grew up.

Then, I tested positive for something else.


Little bundle of joy number two was born three-hundred and sixty-nine days after my first labor. We were two very lucky parents.


Little boy was so sweet at first, but soon became the toughest little baby ever! I gained an extra ten by the time I finally got him sleeping through the night. Side-note: After my pregnancy with my first baby, I gained ten lbs- so I was twenty pounds over my pre-marriage weight. Then after baby number two, I was another ten pounds over that!

Now we are to the important part. All those pounds add up to 158 and 35% BF aka body fat. It’s considered overweight. That’s the chunkiest I have ever been without a living baby in my tummy. With documented and good food choices, I am on my way to be happy healthy momma.


Eight months after he was born I finally figured out my body *again. I am shedding the unhealthy water weight and lipids. My heart is healthier and my body is nourished. I can feel a huge difference in my moods in day to day life. It’s hard, but it’s WORTH IT!

Think happy, healthy thoughts!

xo Stephanie

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