Smoked Salmon


I LOVE Applebee’s savory smoked chicken, so I decided to make up my own copy cat recipe. It was still missing something- like perhaps a marinade? Nonetheless, it was still really good. I ways love an extra lemon wedge with my fish :)
I made my smoke chips “bowl” first. I soaked a hand full of hickory smoked wood chips and a cedar plank for 30 minutes. Using foil as my bowl, I folded them all up in the foil and poked holes for the smoke to escape.
For the salmon, I sprinkled garlic powder, salt and pepper on my filets then placed them diagonally on my cedar board. I put the salmon on the unlit side of the grill and the foil pack on the lit side. I grilled them, rotating half way through, for 30 minutes. It seemed as thought they took forever to cook.
Try it out! Smoked salmon is very very good!!



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