Finishing Week 2 of Turbofire

I’ve slammed the door on week two! Today was my last workout day for week two!

I feel amazing! Words cannot express how I feel. I’m in the groove of eating on my body’s cues for which nutrients it needs. I feel satiated quicker, and never starved. I’m eating more calories than I ever have on any workout or weight loss regime. My children enjoy the same fresh fruits and vegetables as I do.

quick lunch

I’ve been addicted to the combo of blood oranges & berries. It’s packed full of fiber and carbohydrates to get me going at the start of each day. I bought a big bag full of the oranges at the market, not knowing they were blood oranges. To be honest, the darker skin made me think they were on sale to sell quick – but I just got lucky I guess!

Blood oranges have a stronger flavor. I think they are sweeter and less acidic. Sometimes oranges or orange juice creates a phlegmy feeling in my throat, but blood oranges do not do that to me. Blood oranges do have a red pigment which from an antioxidant called anthocyanin. Did you know that different colored fruits and veggies have different antioxidents based on their color? On top of that, a medium sized blood orange is an excellent source of vitamin C to stay sick free, calcium for your bones and heart, folate for cell reproduction, B1 aka thiamine to convert carbohydrates to energy through glucose metabolism, and they provides around 30% of your daily fiber intake. Throw the peel down the garbage disposal and you have a natural deodorizer!

Branch out of your usual fruit and vegetable choices. Love oranges? Try Blood Oranges! #changingitup

On top of those succulent oranges, I purchased a few organic bountiful baskets. I urge everyone to look up bountiful baskets to see if an organization is set up near you. It’s such a great deal. For the low amount I paid, I have so much food I had to give some away. I buy produce weekly because 1) We go through it so quickly, and 2) Fresh IS best. Plus, you are more likely to find your favorites on sale when you shop often.

Today, my body was CRAVING deep fried foods. I obviously don’t NEED them, but I really wanted deep fried jalapeno poppers, or cheese sticks. So I thought of something healthy to replace the bad and satiate the craving. Egg in a hole.

toad in a hole

Egg in a hole, or toad in a hole, or blind eye, or whatever you want to call it – it’s a healthy choice for your crunchy, fatty craving.


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