Three Day Cleanse – Days 8, 9, & 10 #ShakeologyCleanse

This week has been nuts! My husband found out about a last minute job he needed to do, so on top of preparing for his departure, I had a paper and an exam due, too! It’s been a ride. On top of all the ciaos, for some reason I thought my rest day was Tuesdays, but it’s not. It’s Wednesdays. So I rested both days. The cleanse sort of took the energy out of me. One of the days I was so busy I only had 2 shakes plus dinner. So that deprived me of around 225 calories. I’m going to follow my workout schedule, and then my rest day next week will be the day I catch up. It’ll definitely be tough! Luckily I’m doing the Turbofire HIIT workouts which only take around 20-30 min plus stretching. But don’t let the low amount of time make you think they are easy. I literally SWEAT my butt off.

My Three Day Shakeology Cleanse:

Day 1

3 shakeo’s

D:chicken caesar salad with mushrooms and tomatoes

(sorry no photo – I was too hungry to pause and remember to snap a pic)

Day 2

2 shakeo’s (supposed to have been 3)

D: greek shrimp on a bed of spinach and arugula topped with a little bit of feta

shakeology cleanse meal plan

Day 3

3 shakeo’s

D: asian veggie stir fry with chicken and long grain wild rice

shakeology cleanse meal plan


Don’t stop! You can do this! The secret to everything to staying POSITIVE. Think Happy Healthy thoughts!



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