Day 5, 6, & 7

TurboFire has definitely kicked my butt. It has really reminded me how uncoordinated I am. Now that I have all the moves and combos down, starting tomorrow – week 2 – they change every thing up! I’m excited for what is to come.
My Day 5 went really well, although it was a family birthday, so I made an amazing birthday cake for the party. It was an extremely busy day. I got my workout in, but failed to do the ten minutes stretch. At the party, we did a baked potato bar with a large garden salad on the side.

Day 6 was a usual Saturday for me: breakfast with my mom & grocery store shopping. I was out and about most of the day so my cravings were curbed. I did a little review of a new (or at least new to me) product I found on the shelf at my Smith’s Grocery Store

Today, Day 7, was my easy workout day. I was scheduled to do Abs 10 & Stretch 10 – a 20 minute workout. I’m so excited I made it past week one! Measurements and weigh in is tomorrow morning. I have no regrets or bad feelings about my “cheats” this weekend. I know I’m nourishing my body and cells so I shouldn’t have anything to worry about. My workouts have become easier, but I’m still working up a sweat. I love the endorphin rush! 


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