Step Two – Remember Your Body Is Detoxing

So, I woke up today and felt 10 lbs lighter!

I know it’s not true, but I felt it. You know how sometimes you wake, get ready, put on those jeans that are always so tight, but this day they aren’t – and you get flushed and love yourself?? Then you step on the scale and you weigh more than you did yesterday when you thought you were fat? Yeah today was one of those days. I didn’t step on the scale, but my jeans were still tight. *bummer

There is no miracle pill, magic wrap, or such thing as instant results. It takes time!

No worries, I know everyday is a new day. Soon a week will be over, then two, then a whole month, then six months, then it’ll be Christmas again!

I’ll admit that today was rough. It is always like this for me when I start new workouts or eating plans.

When my body detoxes, I get headaches… :(

It really is no-fun. I don’t typically take medications unless it gets really bad. Obviously, a little detox isn’t horrible, but it’s annoying when your babies are cranky, too. I’ve been drinking glass upon glass of water to make sure dehydration isn’t a factor. It’s not that I feel sick or lethargic – in fact, I have TONS of energy.

My workout was INTENSE! I love TurboJam, so I knew I’d love TurboFire. I was so sore after just the first starter workout – excited for what is to come.

I’m definitely IN LOVE!

I am accountable!

breakfast ideaseasy cheap snacksI like the the taste of mustard on my tuna salad. I used light EVOO to stay motivated

Shakeology – chocolateis peanut butter healthyYes, I had PB toast again for a snack… I love pb.everyone loves peanut butterEven my daughter loves pb!
myplateThis was my dinner tonight – steamed squash, pan fried chicken, & stuffed shells. How did your day go?

Always thinking happy, healthy thoughts!

workout hair



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