Who said lattes have to be coffee?


When people think of lattes they instantly imagine a caffé latte, or milk coffee. However, lattes don’t have to be “coffee milks.” In fact, they can be made with whatever you want.
This smoothie recipe is very versatile. For your flavor, you can choose any kind of espresso, coffee, green tea, chai tea, or herbal tea if you aren’t a caffeine drinker.
Four ingredients make up the smoothie – a protein, a liquid, ice, and your flavor.
My protein is a protein powder, Herbalife French Vanilla Formula One. You can use any kind of protein you fancy. Some ideas are Greek yogurt – sweetened or unsweetened – even just regular yogurt.
My liquid is skim milk, I use a lot of almond milk too. You could use water, juice, coconut milk, or any nut milk really. Just remember nutrition – skim milk and nut milks are rich in nutrients.
For my flavor, I used chai tea concentrate for this smoothie. You can use whatever you wish! I try to keep it a zero calorie flavor. (To make any kind of tea concentrate, just boil a cup of hot water. When it comes to a full boil turn off heat and steep 4 bags of your favorite tea. I let it sit on the counter for an hour to completely cool, then pour into a container for the fridge or you can even freeze the concentrate in an ice cube tray. It should make 4 servings/8oz- 1/4 cup/2oz each serving)
Layer your ingredients like so: ice, flavor, protein, and then milk. I hate it when my protein powder clumps on the bottom and doesn’t mix well. Blend on high until smooth! Try not I drink so fast as to get a brain freeze… It’s hard sometimes because this smoothie is so good!


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