Weekly Menu & Store List


Did I deliver, or did I deliver? lol
Next weeks menu & store list is up & running.
Smoothies: recipes to come, but as you know I live an HerbaLIFE- meaning my smoothies have Herbalife formula one as a base. You could just use yogurt or protein powder as your base if you don’t want to go the Herbalife (although, I strongly advise you do use it since it seriously is so good for you.) Message me for more details if you are interested in trying Herbalife out.
Some of my snacks are from naturebox but keep in mind you can adapt the menu into your own personal liking. I love naturebox because they are organic & vegan! Use me as a reference and get $10 off your next box! I got my first box for only $1.97 on Black Friday.
My kids eat the same snacks as I do so I just buy enough for both of us. My husband doesn’t snack (whaa! I know) he loves some of the same healthy foods I do, but generally he’s pickier than I am so most of the time he gets extra potatoes and meat. Bah, men…
If you haven’t noticed, I created a page off the menu called Go To Menus and Store Lists for quick & easy, grab & go!
Print the pages out – Set your printer settings to 2 pages per page or even 4 pages per page. Save a tree!



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