New Years Resolutions – 2014


Oh right, the new year is coming!
I haven’t even thought about making a New Year’s Resolution since last December. Last year, my only vow was to be more organized. Analyzing the past year, I would say I have come a long way. My car may need a little more work…
Is that any one else’s goal? To be more organized? My only two tips are as follows:

    Clean up immediately after you’re done. Hot glue gun, peanut butter, make up, etc.

    Make bags, tins, baskets, boxes or that ever else you can imagine to separate out everything. Label the containers and try not to combine things.

It shouldn’t cost you much to organize and label your stuff. Reuse everything! You’ll feel so refreshed and ready for spring if you get rid of things you don’t need. My rule is if I haven’t used in the the past 6 months then it gets tossed/donated.

NYRs, New Year’s Resolutions, typically are “spur-of-the-moment” promises we make just to make because we are supposed to.
Who out there actually quits drinking soda after making it a NYR? I can go months with out a diet coke, but I can’t promise my body to never drink one again… Too much pressure! Don’t you raise you eyebrows at me! Dt Coke with a lemon & lime wedge is like my heroine. No worries – it truly is a rare (delicious and desirable) treat.

This coming year my resolution is to transform my body into the healthiest and sexiest it has ever been!

To be fit, you have to be active and eat right. It truly is a lifestyle and not just a diet. Care more about the health of your body as it is and how it functions, rather than searching the internet to find the quickest way to give your self a thigh gap… Don’t get me started on your thigh gap.
Love yourself naked or dressed. There is nothing prettier than a woman in love, in love with her self and her body!
As a part of my New Year’s Resolution to get into the best shape of my life, I am going to:

    Cut out processed foods and eat as close to the source as possible

    Drink outrageous amounts of water and tea

    Instead of just buying items for convenience from my non perishables list, I’ll try to make them homemade.

    I will feed my children better foods than I eat, and turn their classic favorites into homemade treats

    Eat more organic foods

    Enjoy my favorites, but never feel guilty!

    Control my portions

    Live an active life – teach my children how to be active

Now they say in order to truly be committed and actually be successful, we need a partner. They say 80% of people fail themselves by not being able to complete their resolutions, but we increase our chances if we are to just find a partner in crime.
Who want to partner up with me?
Each week I’ll post my menu and store list for you to follow. Comment & tell me what are your favorite BLDS (breakfast, lunch, dinners & snacks)!


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