Cute & Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas

20131211-080833.jpgWe love our elf! He is so fun & creative, but sometimes he runs out of ideas. Sometimes the genius things he thinks of are actually “been there done that” according to most people who follow Pinterest.
We don’t care whether it’s the most popular elf on the shelf idea- if my kids are going to love it then that’s all that matters! Here are some of last years and this years ideas thus far!

Elf’s Arrival: He popped up on the mantel with a elf sized letter and some magic elf seeds. We planted them in sugar, and the next day cookie pops grew!
This year elf popped up on our front door with a box from the North Pole filled with goodies to motivate us to be good girls an boys.

The Countdown

Zip line

Photo shoot with friends

Reason for the season- present for baby Jesus

Drew a picture

Got stuck in a cup

Knew we were going to the grocery store so he made his own list & buckled up!

Made us pancakes

This one requires explaining: we wanted to make cookies but didn’t have any brown sugar to do so… The next day elf magically restocked the jar!

We are a huge peanut butter family. A rare treat is chocolate dipped pap pins with peanut butter- Elf is obviously a pb lover too!

Every picture in our house had mustaches drew on it

Caught in the bird cage

Hanging from the ceiling fan with candy canes



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